Why BDS Course over MBBS?

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The BDS Course leads to a degree in Dental Science and Surgery. It’s an undergraduate degree course and the degree awarded is Bachelor of Dental Surgery. There are many students who face a dilemma whether to choose BDS course or MBBS course. Although MBBS is a noble profession, a degree in BDS is better than a plain MBBS. This blog will give you some of the major benefits of BDS course over MBBS.

BDS Course vs. MBBS Course

Although BDS course and MBBS course are unique in their own way, BDS degree holds a little edge over the MBBS degree.

Course Fee

The most important factor that distinguishes BDS course and MBBS course is the cost of the education. BDS course costs very much less than MBBS, and as such is more affordable to every class of society. BDS degree is cost effective and guarantees a lucrative career. Some of the other reason to choose BDS course over MBBS course are:

Course Duration is Less

It take less time to complete undergraduate degree in Dental Surgery than MBBS as the BDS course duration is 5 years where as the MBBS course duration is 5 and a half years. Students get their BDS degree much earlier thanMBBS degree.

Admission is Easier

BDS admission is much easier than MBBS admission as the demand for the former is comparatively less and there are many recognized dental colleges with attached teaching hospitals offering BDS admission.

Availability of Seats

In order to get a merit seat for MBBS course, you must have a high score in theentrance exam as there is a huge competition for MBBS seats where as it is much easier to get a seat under merit for BDS course as the competition is low and any student with average marks are able to get a BDS seat.

 No need for Higher Studies

Bachelor of Dental Surgery is itself a specialized degree where as you have to pursue MD/MS for specialization after MBBS as MBBS degree restricts you to be a general physician. In order to be a specialized doctor, you must have a post graduate degree in any of the specializations.

Employment Opportunities

As soon as you complete your BDS course successfully and hold a BDS degree in hand, you can start working as a dentist, where as to be employable you will have to do MD/MS after MBBS.

Stress-Free Job

Dentistry is a stress free job. Compared to MBBS doctors, dentists have no emergency calls as tooth related diseases or infections can be treated as directed by the dentists and are not life threatening problems. It’s a very good career optionfor female students.

Highly Lucrative Profession

A career in BDS is highly lucrative. The actual earning of a MBBS doctor starts very late where as dentists start enjoying their earnings soon after completion of the BDS course.

Although MBBS could be your first course choice but if you find any of the above presented reasons to pursue BDS course genuine then you can opt for BDS course.


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