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The most frequently coming problem that is commonly faced by the students is not having a proper approach to systematic planning and effective techniques of study. If you ask any student that “How do you study for your test?” The most common answer of this question is “I go over my notes”, and then this answer makes feel that there is a lack of seriousness in studies of that student. Here are some guidelines according to which students can increase their effectiveness in studies –

Give yourself enough time–Cramming in night before exams won’t help you. When you start to study weeks ahead from your exams, you have enough time to read, make sure that you are covering everything. This will allow you to ask questions about anything you don’t fully understand.

Time Management – Students needs to distribute his or her time wisely. You have to determine how much time you need to spend for studying. You need to schedule your study topics in realistic manner.

Comfortable Place – The place where you leave your notes, your pencils and your dictionary, where you do your studies should be comfortable and have little disturbance – that means no TV or music.

Bifurcation of time – How many topics you have to study? How many pages one topic have? If you have 50 pages to study in 10 weeks then you have to study 1 page daily considering weeks off also. You also can write down what page you have to study on which day.

Make Notes – Make your own notes in your own words. Read every lesson thoroughly. What are titles, headings and subheadings? Are they bold or not. Write this down, these are the important keywords. These are the great indicator to write down your notes point wise. These will help you know what the lesson is all about.

Start from difficult topic – Start your studies with the difficult topic and continue from there. There is no point on studying an easiest topic. A quick review is enough for that.

Participation in classrooms – The best way of study also include participation in classrooms discussions, ask questions to teachersand raise your hands for giving answers, no matter if it is wrong also. Don’t just seat and wait for the teacher to teach you. Get involved in learning.

We Career Expert offer Scholarship Programs for students, who seek admission in post graduation or for higher education. The purpose for offering scholarship programme is to encourage professional education among maximum students. This scholarship programme is for those students who deserve but are not able to complete higher studies due to financial problems. On the basis of marks obtained in qualifying exam and score from internal test which conduct from behalf of us, the scholarship is awarded to the students. For getting scholarship, a student has to go through the process –

  • Application – Students need to fill the application form for the purpose of assessment. Students need to read application form carefully and fill it as per his or her best knowledge.

  • Assessment – After submission of application form along with necessary documents, student’s credentials and attributes are analysed in assessment.

  • Registration – The result of the assessment level is informed to students by E-mail. A scholarship form is also attached in that mail. Student should download that attachment and after that filled form along with registration fee should be send by post.

  • Examination – After receiving student’s registration from, we will give the confirmation regarding exam date and time.

  • Selection – Marks obtained in scholarship exam and in qualifying exam shall be analysed for giving scholarship to students. The students who are selected are informed by a phone call.

Who can apply? – The students who passed his or her 12th board exams with aggregate 50% marks or above in the age of 18 to 22 yrs and students who completed his or her graduation with aggregate 50% and above in the age of 21 to 25 yrs can apply. Also, the students belongs to SC, NT and OBC can also apply for same.

Education Consultancy – Why do we need consultant for getting admission in a renowned college? Now days, getting admission in top colleges is one of the tough situations for students because of the number of applicants. Depending upon the potential and interest, there is a question mark on whether students are choosing correct alternative or not? Education and Career are correlated with each other because when education path culminate the career begins.

Due to tremendous competition and peer pressure students often face a problem to make the right career alternative for them. By choosing a correct alternative a student can move on his or her life in a right direction. But unfortunately students under pressure take wrong decision and face difficulty. This leads to a lot of confusion, doubt in them and students suffered from stress anxiety and depression.

This is where career counselling comes into picture. Here, students get counselling not only for build career path but also for giving support to them grow as individuals and professionals. The main objective of career counselling is development of career so that the person not only able to earn his livelihood but reaches the heights of glory, repute and prominence.