MD Anaesthesia – Doctor of Medicine in Anaesthesiology Course Overview

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MD Anaesthesia or MD Anesthesiology is a 3-years postgraduate medical coursewhich focuses on utilization of drugs to minimize pain by causing insensibility. Anaesthesia is administered by an anesthesiologist or by a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). The job responsibilities of medical aspirants who pursue MD Anesthesia include providing anesthesia services during general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, otorhynology, maxillofacial surgery, cardiac surgery, etc. A doctor specialized in Anaesthesia is called as Anesthetist.

Types of Anesthesia

There are three types of Anesthesia that aspirants can learn during their MD Anesthesia course period.

  • Local Anaesthesia: This type Anesthesia blocks the nerves in a small area of the body to be operated on.
  • Regional Anaesthesia: This type of Anesthesia numbs a large area of the body and is specifically used for more extensive surgery.
  • General Anesthesia: This form of Anaesthesia leaves the patient completely unconscious so that they do not feel pain during surgery.

MD Anesthesia Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants seeking admission to MD Anesthesia in top medical colleges in Karnataka must have passed MBBS from any MCI recognized medical college/university with one year compulsory internship.

MD Anesthesia Admission Process

Candidates seeking admission to MD Anesthesia in top medical colleges in Karnataka must qualify in NEET PG(National Eligibility Entrance Test).

Who can pursue MD Anaesthesia Course?

Aspirants who want to deliver services in the preoperative setting, pain management, etc. can pursue MD Anaesthesiology in top medical colleges in Karnataka.

MD Anaesthesia Career Scope

  • Anesthesiologists are the important persons in surgical teams. One of the primary duties of an anesthesiologist is to administer drugs that reduce or eliminate the pain a patient might feel during surgical procedures.
  • Anesthesiologists can also work outside the operating room, such as in: The Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
  • They can work in hospital operation theatre, outpatient surgery centers, dental clinics, medical offices, etc.
  • Those who have a degree MD Anaesthesia may also work as visiting Anesthesiologists and may charge on hourly basis.
  • Other employment areas for those who complete their MD Anaesthesia include Health Centres, Laboratories, Nursing homes, Government Hospitals, etc. Some can also start their private practice.

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