How Medical Education abroad is attracting Indian Students?

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Students are opting for medical education abroad as private medical education within the country is becoming increasingly expensive. The demand for medical education abroad is gradually gaining momentum and Indian students have begun applying for medical colleges in countries such as Nepal, China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines and few other countries.

Earlier Russia was the only destination available for medical aspirants seeking medical education abroad but, today, students are looking at pursuing MBBS course in China, Nepal and Philippines. Now-a-days, China has become the new destination for students seeking medical education abroad. It’s amongst the cheapest destinations for a medical degree and has a large number of medical seats.

Medical education abroad costs one fourth of the cost of private medical education in India. The difference between the cost of medical education in private medical colleges in India and abroad countries is very huge. For instance, medical education in China could be completed in Rs. 20-25 lakhs, less than half of what it would cost to even buy a seat in private medical college in India.

Another reason for Indian students opting for medical education abroad is the limited number of seats under Government colleges in India. Approximately, over 9,000 students leave India each year for medical education abroad, with China the most popular destination followed by Nepal, Russia and Ukraine.

For students seeking MBBS course abroad, colleges in China and Nepal will be a good option due to multiple factors. First, the curriculum is similar to medical study in India and is approved by MCI. Second, living costs are reasonable. Third, language being similar, it is easier to acclimatize. Fourth, the cost of medical education is affordable. Fifth, the proximity provides comfort and confidence to students.

Medical education abroad is the only option for a lot of middle-class families looking to fulfill the dream of their children becoming doctors. However, Indian students who complete their medical education abroad must earn the certification of Medical Council of India (MCI) to practice in India.

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