MCA stands for Master of Computer Application which is a post-graduation course. It is a professional master degree course in Computer Science. This course is designed to fulfil the demand of professionals in Information Technology. It gives more importance to Application Development and latest trends of programming languages lateral. The MCA course includes 6 semesters. The last semester includes the project work which examines the student’s skills thereby giving them experience before entering into the professional world of Information Technology. There is a huge demand for MCA professionals in India and abroad also. The pay scale offered to MCA professionals is very high but pay scale varies according to profile and policies of the company.

There is a very huge scope for MCA professionals. There are various opportunities in software industry for the post of Software Programmer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, System Analyst, Software Application Architect, and Software Consultant. In MCA post graduation course, students gets educated about systems designing, Application Software Development, Enterprise Resource Planning, Computer Networks, Systems Administration, Web Designing and Development, Database Administration, Parallel and Vector processing, Data Mining and Warehousing and many more.