MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It’s a post graduation degree. Students who want to make their career in the field of business industry, administration and public dealing should pursue MBA.

Today it’s the time of globalization and industrialization, the demand for MBA fresher with different skills like multi-tasking skills, analytical skills and many more is increasing day by day. MBA professional should also be aware about current scenario of economic trends. MBA professionals with specialization in finance can become Financial Analyst. MBA professionals can also move towards Sales, Distribution, Marketing, Consumer trends, Market Research, Human Resource, Product Management, Administration and many more. The need for MBA professionals is rapidly growing with advancement of technology. A MBA professional can also start their own business and create many job opportunities. It also helps in solving the unemployment problem. There are various career opportunities for MBA professionals such as they have career in accounting and financial planning, they will be preferred for managerial post, have job opportunities in both public and private sector, they can also opt for Financial Analyst post, they can be successful entrepreneurs, they mostly prefer in banks because of having interactive skills, they can also opt for the post like Sales co-ordinator, HR Recruiter, Marketing Executive, BPO jobs and many more.

MBA Specialization is offered in the following departments-

  • MBA in Financial Management

  • MBA in Marketing Management

  • MBA in Human Resource Management

  • MBA in International Business

  • MBA in Operation Management

  • MBA in Information Technology

  • MBA in Supply Chain Management

  • MBA in Rural Management