Due to dynamically changing market a proper career strategy becomes essential. We, Career Expert guide and help student understand their strengths and weaknesses and after that match them with their skills and interest so they can choose career path appropriately. One wrong decision not only cost money but also it will waste some precious years. Students know about their strengths and weakness with the help of modern scientific techniques like career assessment test, aptitude test and many more. After that it will easy for students to find a college or to opt for a suitable career. Now the various options of colleges are available, in this process of short listing the colleges, next step is strategic elimination. With the help of proper counselling student narrowing down the options so that finding the right career or college becomes easy.
Thousands of students are applying for their admission to different colleges or universities every year. Admission process may vary from college to college. In that also colleges are classified into government bodies and autonomous institutions that conduct the entrance exam for their further admission process. There are three ways for getting admission to colleges –

  • On the basis of merit number for which 75-80% seats are reserved.
  • On the basis of management quota for which 5-10% seats are reserved.
  • And the last is NRI / foreign student’s quota for which 15% seats are reserved.

College admission through Merit basis

In this, college admission is on the basis of marks or rank obtained by student in the previous academic year. The seat availability and rank or marks obtained by the student both are required for getting admission in preferred college. While doing the admission process, candidates should be present with the necessary documents for all procedures and online counselling process.

College admission through Management Quota

Candidates who have scored low in previous academic year’s exam or entrance exams get their admission in preferred college under management quota system. It costs high in tuition fee than the admission through merit basis. There are some seats which are kept reserved for management quota.

College admission through NRI Quota

There are some eligibility criteria for NRI students for getting admission process done –

  • Candidate should be completed his or her 16 years of education in abroad and should have requisite marks in previous academic years exam.

  • Candidate’s parents / guardian should be NRI.

  • Candidate’s parents / guardian should have good financial position.